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Educate your customers and enhance brand value

Get your content to speak for your brand! Opt for product description writing that enriches your brand value by ascertaining valued descriptions.

With Writofy, you can:

  • Leave your competitors behind.
  • Offer detailed product information.
  • Well written, and engaging content.
content writing
content writing

Get an edge with your potential audience

Accurate product descriptions when paired with compelling images, can shoot up your chances of recognition and sales as a brand. 

Let’s collaborate to: 

  • Improve brand presence in online marketplaces.
  • Achieve high conversion rates.
  • Upscale business via accurate product  descriptions.

Leverage your Product Releases.

Product descriptions work a charm with their structure and appeal. The short and accurate description of your services helps leverage your product releases.

With Writofy, you get:

  • Personalized product description content. 
  • Descriptions that connect consumers across the various online marketplace.
  • Create the hype as you market your releases.
content writing
content writing

Impact your sales

Crisp, precisely accurate product descriptions help convert your potential visitors to customers. Use the power of descriptions to impact your sales and revenue.  

How we tag along:

  • Develop expertise around your products by highlighting key features. 
  • Descriptions with some excitement into the mix.
  • Content that converts.

Why choose Writofy as your Product Description Writing Service Partner?


Get SEO-friendly product descriptions to improve your brand’s visibility and rank better in search engine results.

Seasoned writers with Industry expertise

Our writers understand your brand identity and style, we curate product descriptions with the right tone and value.

Diversified approach to product descriptions

Writofy segregates product description projects into batches for writers. This keeps the content plaig-free and speeds up the procedure.

Content Tailored to resonate

Our product description writers are trained to abide by your instructions and sync the content with your existing style guide if required.

Formal information with a twist

Add soul to your formal product descriptions with our touch of personalization.

Simplify your sales

Access content that doesn’t confuse your visitors with jaggrons. Access descriptions that simplify sales.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the importance of product descriptions?

A product description heightens a product’s value and draws potential prospects to your site. It shows why a customer should go for the product. The description must include the benefits of the product and solve consumer issues. If done right, it can influence a probable prospect to be a loyal customer.

Do you compose Amazon product descriptions?

Yes, Writofy’s team of experienced professional writers specializes in different niches and offers writing copies for every marketplace including Amazon. We understand the operations of online marketplace and Amazon SEO that can help your products to rank higher in search results.

Is it viable to use the same product description from manufacturers?

Yes, you can use them but there are high chances your competitor sites are using the same description. This directly means you will receive no SEO value from the content and also your brand identity will be eclipsed. Google will not position your website on top results if you are using copied content.

What to include on a product description page?

A good product description focuses on a product’s features and advantages. Of course, features are required to be concise and clear-cut. However, the benefits will need more creativity and understanding of your targeted consumer base. Use some positive adjectives to highlight the description content.

How long should an SEO-friendly product description be?

The length of product descriptions may vary based on the platform on which the product is listed. Say for ETSY, the product description length is 120-150 words. We can help you customize descriptions based on the requirements.

How to write persuasive product descriptions?

Words with strong sensory links higher the chances of an empathic reaction. When you appeal to consumer’s sensory faculties, you are inviting them to reimagine how your product feels. Don’t just tell how it looks but also add how it tastes or sounds as well.

Why limit modifiers in product descriptions?

Modifiers do not specify words as you think. So, sentences that are based on modifiers for descriptive power are being created on faulty foundations. Instead, use a verb that portrays the image you have envisioned. While editing your content, scrutinize it deeply and make sure the action maximizes the descriptive power.

Can I find product description writers for a specific niche?

Our product description writers are experts at writing on specific niches and deliver content that will drive traffic and boost sales in no time. They create exceptional page copies that attract potential prospects and keep your products in the spotlight highlighting your brand identity.