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A Leading Edge to your Marketing Strategies

Ebooks provide your business with an opportunity to demonstrate your brand’s capabilities. Make complete use of the case studies and achievements to get a leading edge in your business.

Here’s how we come in:

  • eBooks, curated keeping the marketing funnel in mind.
  • Precise content to highlight the brand significance.
  •  Content that is accessible across multiple formats.
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news letter

Establish an Authority as an Industry Expert

With an entire book revolving around valuable information about a specific skill or concept. It’s time to establish yourself as the industry leader.

With Writofy, you get access to:

  • Content that is informative and useful.
  • Well-researched topics with complete industry insights.
  • Products that highlight your excellency.

Supercharge your Lead Generation Efforts

Leverage your practical knowledge and expertise to gather a list of prospects that convert. Time to scale your operations!  

With Writofy’s approach:

  • Access engaging that aids conversion.
  • Attract relevant targeted leads to conversion funnel.
  • Keep your prospects hooked throughout the journey.
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Ease your SEO Efforts

With relevant keywords and links to corresponding landing pages, ease your SEO efforts and gain better traffic.

Writofy’s happy to help with:

  • Well-researched keywords.
  • Publish-ready content.
  • Well-structured, accurate content.

Why Hire Writofy As Your Preferred Ebook Writer?

100% Percent

Our ebook content writers leverage various top-ranking plagiarism detection tools to ensure the uniqueness of the content. 

A-1 Quality

Access a pool of amazing and hardworking writers and editors, equipped with industry-wise skill-sets.

Promote Your

Our Ebook writing services can help you educate your prospects about your product and encourage them to buy! 

Enhance the
Brand Reputation

Access professional-quality writings that focus on enhancing your business’s reputation and authority with well-written ebooks.

Engage Your Target Audience With Ease

All you need to do is tell us who your target audience is, and we will tailor the ebook accordingly to leave an impact on your target audience.

Feedbacks and

Communicate with our writer and suggest specific edits while getting regular updates about the progress.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to complete a writer's ebook?

Generally, writing an ebook to us means addressing all the topics with proper attention to detail.  Further, the writer assigned to the project can help you determine the requirements to complete your ebook based on all of your requirements.

Can I hire ebook writers whose experience match my requirements?

Yes, Writofy’s team of professional ebook writers specialises in different niches and offers writing copies for every marketplace including Amazon. We understand the operations of online marketplace and Amazon SEO that can help your products to rank higher in search results.

How much do I pay for your ebook writing services?

No two requirements are alike and so is our pay structure! We can’t really offer a blanket rate for all. There are various factors that affect the pricing of the eBooks written by our ebook writers. Therefore, reach out to know more about the payment structure based on your requirements.

How can an ebook help enhance my online marketing campaigns?

Ebooks are known to enhance the reputation and credibility of a business enabling customers to build a positive sentiment towards the company. Furthermore, we incorporate ungated pillar pages into the ebook to help your company enhance the SEO results. They play a crucial role in educating and engaging your audience and generating leads.

Will your team provide me with the relevant images for my eBook?

Yes, at Writofy, we believe in managing every aspect of the eBook from ourselves. Everything ranging from the content to the design of the cover and the content inside is designed as per your idea and our expertise.

I had previously got an eBook written for our firm. However, I want to repurpose it now, can you help?

Yes, eBooks can certainly be repurposed to create blog or blogs, and ease your site’s SEO efforts. How? Just break the eBook into different blogs, explaining individual topics and you’ll have individual blogs under different areas of expertise.