Content Marketing Trends You Need To Focus In 2021

If you’ve spent some time in the digital space, you would understand how crucial content has become in promoting your brand’s growth. 

Its relevance has only grown over the years, and it has now become crucial for businesses to keep up with the changing trends. While the 2020 pandemic shut the physical world completely, it opened up many opportunities in the digital world.

When we did our research, we saw some changing trends in content promotion and its consumption online. 

In this blog, we have presented some of the latest trends that could make inroads in 2021 and one which will help you remain significant in the eyes of the global audience.

Let’s walk through them,

Video content 

Since the last few years, video content has gained tremendous popularity. 

Facts say that now “72 percent of consumers now prefer videos over written content.” 

Video content is expected to account for 82 per cent of all internet traffic,” according to Cisco’s Annual Internet Report.

So, if you are trying out some video marketing tactics, I would say you are on the right track! 

While there is no rule of thumb to make a video hit, certain things can help. 

For example, when making a video for interactive platforms like YouTube, Twitter, or LinkedIn, the first few seconds can be a deciding factor. 

According to the Youtube Creator Playbook, the first 15 seconds of the video can either make or break it. Hence, it would be best if you tried to hook the audience in that time frame.

Optimizing your video description and tags around a common subject is also a great way to get more views on YouTube. When you do so, your video can show up just next to a video that’s already getting lots of views and increase your chances of getting clicked. 

Also, for video content, your script should resonate with the audience. If you have any doubt in your mind, you can outreach content marketers for a catchy and well-directed script for your brand.

Personalizing Content For the Customer

From Spotify to Netflix, we’re surrounded by personalized content that directly resonates with the audience’s thought process. 

Now, viewers expect the same level of personalization from ads, videos, and other forms of marketing content from their favorite brands. 

For someone trying to stronghold their footing in the digital space, directing resources into personalization, building up relationships, and making better contacts can pay off well. 

In a world where most of the big brands are focused on improving personalized content, companies that don’t prioritize it will always run at a risk of getting left behind. 

Personalization in 2021, on the other hand, will go beyond simply addressing clients by their first names in emails or talking with them via chat. Now, brands have started unleashing the power of artificial intelligence to achieve hyper-personalization.

AI solutions help you choose the perfect email template for the customers with content that fits their exact needs and predicts their future requirements. It helps build trust in customers’ eyes and boosts their chances of returning to your online store. 

91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and relevant recommendations. – Accenture

We’re focused on providing rewarding customer experiences in 2021 by using contextually appropriate content. Our core belief in high-quality content will remain unchanged. Still, our focus will turn to ensure that the right content is delivered to the right consumers at the right time to achieve meaningful progress toward our ultimate goals. Relevant measurables tied to real client ROI should be included in any piece of content. – Andrew Nunneley, New Media 

Optimizing Content For Voice Search

The idea of voice search began with smartphones and soon spread to smart speakers and voice assistants worldwide. 

Today, we are witnessing a voice search revolution, with practically every generation enthusiastically embracing technology.


Voice commerce sales reached $1.8 billion last year, per OC&C Strategy Consultants, and they’re predicted to touch $40 billion by 2022.

Source: Oberlo

People prefer voice searches over text ones. Smartphone users, especially iPhone users, use this feature more often. As we all know the scale of mobile phone usage, we must prepare our content accordingly. 

With this in mind, taking a stride towards optimizing your content for voice search is a brilliant idea. For example, instead of combining just phrase keywords like “best pie recipe,” try to create more conversational queries into your content, such as “how to make the best pie?” or “what’s the best pie recipe?” 

It will not just help you generate significant traffic but will also help you to get potential leads!

Social Media Content

Social media surpasses promoting brands as it strengthens relationships. 

You can grow an organic following, drive traffic, and even boost sales at the same time! 

Once you have your audience, marketing to that audience repeatedly becomes more manageable and cheaper than ever. But do not forget that they like it because they like your content, not just because of your products. 

So, spend time entertaining them, and they’ll keep loving you!

Start building a plan for how you will entertain your customers and share their stories and testimonials to build trust. Consumers look for social proof before buying anything online. These testimonials and reviews play an essential role in influencing the buyers’ purchasing decisions.

Nowadays, customers don’t trust that fancy jargon of businesses; they trust people. By sharing testimonials, you establish trust and establish a community of loyal fans.

If you are looking for some experts in the digital marketing space, you can hire content writers to generate more valuable and personalized content for your brand. 

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The relevance of content marketing is only going to rise in the years to come. The thirst for content still drives consumers. But the pandemic and fast-evolving technology have to keep changing the ways content is delivered. 

A few years ago, creating engaging content with appealing images and infographics was enough to engage the audience. However, today, businesses are forced to look beyond the ordinary. 

If you want to take your company forward in 2021, this guide can help you thrive in this competitive era. In 2021 these trends will continue to expand, and as a business owner, you need to find new ways to engage with your future customers. 

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